The 6th International Cycling Safety Conference
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Assessing the psychological distress and the physical disability in two-wheel vehicular patients sustaining severe injuries in road traffic crashes: Results from a one-year cohort study

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posted on 2017-09-13, 20:02 authored by Maria Papadakaki, Ottavia Eleonora Ferraro, Chiara Orsi, Dietmar Otte, Georgia Tzamalouka, Marco von derGeest, Timo Lajunen, Özkan Türker, Markos Sarris, George Pierrakos, Charalambos Gnardellis, Anna Morandi, Joannes Chliaoutakis
This article is part of the Proceedings of the 6th Annual International Cycling Safety Conference held in Davis, California, USA on September 20th through 23rd in the year 2017.

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